Freon R134 A Klea

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Freon R.134a Klea : :

A new environmentally preferred product Klea R 134a is part of a new series of HFC Refrigerants from Ineos Fluor Chemical, the world’ s leading manufacturers of Chemical Products unlike the CFCs it replaces, the product contains no Chlorine and is therefore not a potential Ozone Depleter.

This triggered the term: " Zero ODP" for HFC 134a.

The group started up the world’ s first plan for commercial production of HFC-134a in 1990, marketed worldwide under the tradename Klea 134a.

Ineos Fluor chemicals is presently the world’ s largest manufacturer of zero – ODP refrigerants using state of the art technology, with production facilities in Runcorn, UK; St. Grabiel, USA; Mihara in Japan.

The product is used extensively by the commercial & domestic refrigeration industries as well as leading manufacturers and dealers all over the world.